Women and ornaments – Imagining both of them without each other are not even possible. Women always scroll out websites to purchase silver jewellery online that can elevate their outlook. And, there is an endless range of ornaments available in Gold, Silver, Platinum, diamond, and other many elements to encourage the women’s beauty.

It could be even a bit biased if we only include jewellery with women because there are lots of silver jewellery collection for men and children also. You can visit your nearest jewellery shop or go for any trusted online spot for the casual inquiry or the purchase.

We all love to wear silver jewellery all the time but the fear of getting it damaged, discoloured, or tarnished have put us in worry about our ornaments. Jewellery, especially silver jewellery tends to tarnish soon if we don’t care for it properly. This is why we are here to help you protect your silver jewellery and even spread the charm with having it in your regular apparel.

Include these 5 simple yet effective tips to keep your silver jewellery in good condition:

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  • Clean the jewellery before you store

Sweat could bring in moisture and can be the primary reason for tarnishing. Therefore, it is so much important that before you store, wipe off the sweat from the jewellery and store them in concealed or airtight boxes.  

  • Choose airtight boxes

Keep your silver jewellery in an airtight box to preserve it for a longer period. Make sure to not store it into uncoated wooden boxes because that can cause it to lighten the shine or colour.

  • Make use of anti-tarnish paper

The usage of anti-tarnish paper or cloth is a good way to store silver jewellery and hold its shine and prevent it from discolouring. Also, you can use anti-tarnish paper or tissue papers and wrap it around the jewellery. Many people wrap it into newspaper but this is not the ideal way to hold the charm.

  • Never miss the separation

Never keep two different types of jewellery in a single box. Always keep in mind to store jewellery in a separate jewellery box or keep specific containers that will protect the jewellery from getting discolour or damage.

  • Use silica gel or activated charcoal  

Make use of some silica gel or activated charcoal and then store them inside the box where you have kept your silver jewellery. It will absorb moisture and prevent silver jewellery from getting tarnished.

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For some of us dressing up is incomplete without ornaments; a few of woman even prefer to wear ornaments in routine or they choose a different style of silver bangles or anklets to wear in offices. We hope this guide is sufficient for you to keep your silver ornaments safe for a long time so you can wear it anytime and anywhere without worrying about it to get damaged or tarnished.

Choose the trusted Silver Jewellery online store and make a purchase of something that represents your unique style.


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