All of us understand that in the list of multi-cultured countries. Because of the different customs, the various conventions of various religious beliefs followed in this nation make it a multi-hued land. One can discover multiple ancient Hindu scripts, which embrace the practice of numerous events to bring good luck and make one’s life happy.

And when talking about traditions,” it’s the Indian women who are frequently weighed down by such custom-made. A few of which might appear orthodox while some have true logical reasoning. Using a Bindi/Tilak is connected to having a connection with our body’s vigour as we use our Bindi in between the temple of our eyebrows. This point is called Adnya-chakra. Some of the traditions, including wearing specific jewellery, lead to a massive sale in jewellery shops during certain season or events.

Now, let’s look at another such standard custom-made that is typically practised by Indian females—wearing silver toe rings.

What is the Custom Of Toe Ring?

Many Indian ladies use toe rings. This specific device is a signifier of a female’s marital status. It has various names too– it’s called Bichiya in Hindi, Metti in Tamil, Mettelu in Telugu, Kal-ungura in Kannada and so on. The toe rings are a must-wear device for a wife in India, and this custom-made is usually followed in both the Hindu and the Muslim people.

They are normally made from the silver metal and are mainly used insetson the 2nd toes of both the feet. Today, you will discover adequate modern styles of toe rings to accommodate the contemporary bride-to-be’s similarity. Ladies (single) refrain from using them as it’s frowned upon. This tradition has led to massive Silver Jewellery Online shopping as well.

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Why Wear Toe Ring?

It is stated that the nerve of the 2nd toe finger goes through the heart and is likewise linked to the uterus. Using a toe ring in it assists in stabilizing the blood pressure in the uterus. It helps in the policy of a lady’s menstrual cycle too.

What Are the Benefits of Silver Toe Rings?

There are many advantages here. We currently understand how good silver is for our body, do not we? Silver is an excellent conductor, and it is understood to have the power to take in the polar energies of the earth and transfer it to our body. When this energy goes through our body, it’s understood to revitalize our whole system. Using these silver toe rings helps reduce the discomfort that a female goes through while making love.

Ancient Indians thought that a person’s “prana” (vital force) must be stabilized to remain healthy. And it is stated that all the courses of one’s “prana” gone through the toes. Using toe rings assists to keep the balance of a female’s life force.

Why It’s Not Okay To Wear Toe Rings Of Gold?

According to Indian customs and their beliefs, the metal “gold” ought to never be used listed below the waist as it shows disrespect to the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Toe rings are generally made in silver and not gold.

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