The purchase of gold & silver during auspicious days is believed as bliss. When it comes to purchasing such elements during a holy occasion like Shravan Mass, many devotees buy silver or gold Lord Shiva idol or pendants to gain the blessings for the lifetime.

On the other end, ladies prefer to look out for the Indian Silver Jewellery Online to make the festival joyous. There are many people that prefer gold or silver due to its shine and a budget-friendly alternative you can include is silver. There is various jewellery available in the form of gold And silver. In this holy time, you can buy gold or silver coins, jewellery, and bars.

If you plan to buy online jewellery silver this Shravan Mass then, here are a few important things that you should know.

  • The pure silver

Just like gold, you can also ensure the purity of silver by the hallmark. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmarks silver articles too. As per the BIS rules, there are signs that you need to look for while you buy a hallmarked silver article. If any jeweller offers the non-hallmarked article then, you need to request him for the hallmark.

Silver Jewellery Online

The hallmarked silver provides proof of purity. These are the signs of purity.

  • BIS logo
  • Jeweller’s identification
  • Hallmarking centre’s identification
  • Purity grade

The fine silver is ideal for the purchase of utensils, coins, idols, and bars. Unlike the element of gold where buyers cab buys 24KT in the form of coins and bars, buyers can buy the silver items like utensils of 999 pureness apart from bars & coins.

Most of the jewellers prefer to sell 925 fineness silver which is also known as sterling silver – one of a standard form of silver.

  • Check the policy

There are many people that sell old silver or gold elements to purchase a new one. While you buy new silver jewellery, it is important to ask the jeweller about the return policy or buy-back policy. How much money will they pay you if you sell the purchased jewellery to the same jeweller? It is important to know various charges of the buy-back policy as it varies from jeweller to jeweller.  

  • The gemstone on the silver jewellery

Silver itself is a beauty but it looks even more elegant with a gemstone in it. You need to make sure that the jeweller has not considered the price of gemstone into the price of silver. This is important to know when you are purchasing silver from the store or mall. For online buyers, there is every detail enlisted about the product you want to put into the cart.

Source: Why Is It Blissful To Purchase Silver During Shravan Mass?