It's that time of year again. Every year in February, he starts searching for the perfect way to say “I love you” to that perfect person in your life. The date chooses Valentine's Day to choose, to propose or get married, and the wedding (or seriously committed) couples also share Valentine's Day to celebrate life and love. And when choosing the perfect gift for your Valentine it’s time to show the love of your life how much you care. And a better way to do this than with a piece of jewellery.

At Zilver Craft - Silver Jewellery Online, we create contemporary jewellery and accessories that enable self-expression and celebrate beauty, grace and positivity in our world. Exchanging romantic gifts with each other, the gift can be as precious as a piece of romantic or beautiful jewellery like a rose.

Choosing the right gift for women is no joke and there is a lot to ask for what fits. We know what it means to give her something special on Valentine's Day, when words fail, gestures say too much.

Silver Jewellery Online

All of us understand that in the list of multi-cultured countries. Because of the different customs, the various conventions of various religious beliefs followed in this nation make it a multi-hued land. One can discover multiple ancient Hindu scripts, which embrace the practice of numerous events to bring good luck and make one’s life happy.

And when talking about traditions,” it’s the Indian women who are frequently weighed down by such custom-made. A few of which might appear orthodox while some have true logical reasoning. Using a Bindi/Tilak is connected to having a connection with our body’s vigour as we use our Bindi in between the temple of our eyebrows. This point is called Adnya-chakra. Some of the traditions, including wearing specific jewellery, lead to a massive sale in jewellery shops during certain season or events.

Now, let’s look at another such standard custom-made that is typically practised by Indian females—wearing silver toe rings.

What is the Custom Of Toe Ring?

Many Indian ladies use toe rings. This specific device is a signifier of a female’s marital status. It has various names too– it’s called Bichiya in Hindi, Metti in Tamil, Mettelu in Telugu, Kal-ungura in Kannada and so on. The toe rings are a must-wear device for a wife in India, and this custom-made is usually followed in both the Hindu and the Muslim people.

They are normally made from the silver metal and are mainly used insetson the 2nd toes of both the feet. Today, you will discover adequate modern styles of toe rings to accommodate the contemporary bride-to-be’s similarity. Ladies (single) refrain from using them as it’s frowned upon. This tradition has led to massive Silver Jewellery Online shopping as well.

Silver Jewellery online


Women and ornaments – Imagining both of them without each other are not even possible. Women always scroll out websites to purchase silver jewellery online that can elevate their outlook. And, there is an endless range of ornaments available in Gold, Silver, Platinum, diamond, and other many elements to encourage the women’s beauty.

It could be even a bit biased if we only include jewellery with women because there are lots of silver jewellery collection for men and children also. You can visit your nearest jewellery shop or go for any trusted online spot for the casual inquiry or the purchase.

We all love to wear silver jewellery all the time but the fear of getting it damaged, discoloured, or tarnished have put us in worry about our ornaments. Jewellery, especially silver jewellery tends to tarnish soon if we don’t care for it properly. This is why we are here to help you protect your silver jewellery and even spread the charm with having it in your regular apparel.

Include these 5 simple yet effective tips to keep your silver jewellery in good condition:

silver Jewellery online

Purchasing a Silver Jewellery Online can be daunting especially if you plan to purchase the silver ring. However, online silver shops share a chart that indicates the exact size so that you can purchase the properly fitted ring.

The process of purchasing it online gets even troublesome if you are planning to gift it to someone you adore. Many times, online jewellery shopping reflects more convenience with compare to spending hours into the jewellery shop. You must be the one who believes in the purchase of silver ring online.

But, before you purchase a ring online, it’s important to determine the ring size.

You may feel amazed by knowing that there are several sizing systems in use all around the world. Still, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while you measure the ring size. However, wider rings need a large size and our hands are not the same size.

Wideband rings

If you find the ring size wider than 4mm for women and 6mm for men then, you should pick a large size. Prefer to choose one large size if you are unsure about your actual size or the size of the recipient.

Ring size calculation

To find out an exact ring size could be difficult and there are different ways to do so. You need to start the determination process with the most accurate and then describe some of the tricks that can be done at home but less accurate with compare to other tricks.

Zilvercraft - Silver Jewellery online

Zilver Craft acquires a group of proficient craftsmen as well as ideal modern technology to guarantee premium top quality. We give silver that is actually hallmarked for 925; pureness suggests anti-tarnish. We particularly prep day-to-day damage Jewelry. We truly are a famous silver brand name released a few years ago in Ahmedabad. We began along with the target of producing Jewelry that radiates like stars. We are actually better recognized to supply extravagant pure silver jewellery online in a pocket-friendly spending plan. We create Jewelry for all events to ensure you do not must occasionally stumble for various requirements. Delivered through our team, our item selection is actually broad of Choker Sets, Silver Bands and also Silver Bracelets. The jewels, metallic, and also rocks.